I was lucky with parents who formed in childhood a love for travel and creativity. Already in elementary school, I made all furniture for my room, and by the end of the school I was keen on computers and 3D graphics. Frequent trips gave me a broader view of the world and taught to appreciate nature and the sky above our head.

Over the years of conscious life, I have been fortunate enough to acquire a variety of professional skills: from the ability to sew and build to project management and work in CAD systems. I sincerely like to change activities and learn new things.

This knowledge in total allowed me to succeed in:

  • Creation of cycling community in Belarus in the early 2000s ( website)
  • The work at EHU Design Department in the field of 3D graphics
  • Participation in the management of IT companies (,
  • Building for myself and with my hands several houses, a workshop and many pieces of furniture and interior
  • Creation of equipment for tourism (clothes, camping gear, equipment of expedition car, etc.)

I have a wonderful wife and children who don’t let me get bored. All this makes me move forward and lead the charge!