In May 2009, right after the wedding with my wife we went to the construction site of our own house. By that time we already had a wooden frame on the foundation without windows, floors, ceilings, but in the autumn we wanted to move in.

In our project in the lower level we planned to build a brick cellar and a staircase. Therefore, we need to build them in the first order. We found a mason, he started to work, but after a few days it became clear that the quality of the masonry is very low and we had to completely destroy his work and become a mason.


First I determined the layout of the brick, the door scheme, niches for the lamps, the level of the future floor. This was my first and spontaneous experience of a mason. In just 5 months, in addition to the cellar, I managed to build a fireplace, rough floors, ceilings, insert windows, lay all service lines, install a heating system and, with the onset of cold weather, enjoy the warmth and comfort.

For 8 years so far this objects please the eye of my family and our quests with its authenticity, functionality and beauty.