My mother always dreamed of a house in the village in a beautiful place on the river. At first she was looking for a ready house, but nothing worthy came away. But she has found a beautiful piece of land on the bend of the river with a 5 hundred-year-old oak, 5 meters around.
Faced in the past with incompetence in construction, I decided to build everything on my own. To do this, I had to buy a sawmill and some more tools and eventually realize my mother's dream. I already had experience in building wooden houses, and in my head there was a clear picture of how it should be done. I wanted to build a house from scratch, because I entrusted the construction of my own house to builders and then regretted about it.

So in May 2013 I started to pour the foundation, and at the end of September I covered the roofs of the house and of a separate bathhouse. For 5 months I almost alone managed to lay down two log houses, cover the roof and prepare materials for floors and ceilings. It was necessary to build continuously, because I couldn’t leave the tools without supervision on the site.
In the following year the house was completely finished. It has:
• original wooden windows and doors
• floors and ceilings
• fireplace
• two attic ladders with counterweights
• electrician and LED lighting system for 12 volts
• sewage, water supply and well
• furniture
It is impossible to express how happy is my dear Mom with this house.