While raising children, my wife became keen on video shooting. At first, for this hobby, we purchased action camera with a gimbal. After a while, it became clear that we need a camera with more options and functions. I researched the market and found it curious that there are fairly compact and versatile video cameras that are very handy, but for them there are no gimbals. On sale were only cumbersome stabilizers for DSLR, without function of control the camera from the gimbal handles.

I always want to work with composite materials and carbon fiber - that's the case to start I thought. But the task turned out to be more complicated than just acquaintance with composite materials: it was necessary to understand the control electronics and its adjustment.
The project took two months. 1 month - design, choice and purchase of spare parts. The second is creation of a prototype, its adjustment and further manufacture of the body and debugging.

So I got a gimbal that has:

  • built-in soft-touch control panel, camera power button, photo button
  • built-in standard console for menu and focus control
  • built-in 900 Lumens lamp
  • mount for a handy recorder
  • convenient handles, with the ability to mount on a tripod and
  • rope slider
  • minimum weight and maximum portability
  • special backpack

My wife is very pleased with the functions and compactness of this new kit. Till now she gets admiration and questions on possibility to repeat such a device.