The idea of a workshop arose from the fact that all furniture in the house we wanted from the array. And since I had experience in this sphere, although small, it was clear that it is reasonable to have at hand a room, tools and machines for construction.

The building of the workshop and the bathhouse was built by contractors for one third, but as is customary in our area - they suddenly disappeared without finishing the work. Nothing remained how to master this craft by myself.

Actually the workshop was planned to be compact, but with everything I need:

  • machine tools (carpenter's gauge, surface planer, demolition saw, milling machine)
  • separate storage room for hand tools
  • warehouse for lumber in the second level
  • frame crane
  • aspiration system
  • lighting and power electrician
  • compressed air

The workshop became the cradle of many projects and justified and paid off all the costs over and above.